TriLakeland Junior Triathlon – 28th June 2015

Tri Lakeland Junior Triathlon Results – 28th June 2015

Well done to everyone that competed today. I can report that at 6am this morning it was very wet and windy but you all brought a small ray of sunshine each and when they were all added together that brightened everything up to give a breezy, mild and pleasant afternoon. I’m sure some of you will have a few red patches! I hope that everyone that stayed over pre race found a good hotel or B&B particularly those from Bolton Tri Club.

Any way onto the event. Thank you to the set up team who started at 6am this morning to make sure everything was in place for the race. The Registration team arrived by 9.30am and got everything set up inside with the bulk of the marshals arriving by 11.30 to do their jobs for the afternoon. Special thanks to Trish Dunlop for sourcing tis years marshals and particular thanks to Belise Laws who not only brought the best ever Young Leaders from Cockermouth School, but also helped us set up this morning as well. Finally on the marshalling front thanks to the Frankland family from COLT who manned one of the water stations all day. Thank you all, we couldn’t run this event without you. I’ve already had many positive comments about how our marshals interacted with the competitors and parents.

I had lots of good feedback about the race already and I think we got most things right today. Even our presentations and rolling transitions are getting close to where we want them to be. A third upgrade to our course layout delivered something that worked well today, which with a few more minor tweaks will be as good as we can get at the venue.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day and your journeys home were swift, well as swift as you can when you come a long way from Liverpool, Wales and Scotland.

These results will go final if there are no queries by the close on Tuesday 30th June 2015. Two competitors split times are incorrect due to the timing chips coming off, these are highlighted in yellow, but importantly the race end times are correct so overall race positions are not affected.

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